Washroom/Restroom Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning ServicesYour company’s washroom or restroom says more about you than costly advertising ever could. A well equipped, hygienic and clean washroom makes a positive impression on your clients. The clean washroom indicates you care about the well being of your staff and customers. We provide tailored washroom cleaning services to help you maintain a clean & hygienic washroom environment for your visitors.

We are offering extensive knowledge and experience to clean washroom/restroom. Highest quality cleaning services are delivered by us at very competitive rates. The best part is we use Eco-Friendly products which are good for health and consume less water.

Our Cleaning Service for Washroom / Restroom :

  • Carpet or floor Cleaning
  • Cleaning the washrooms
  • Hygienic cleaning services
  • Glass and mirrors cleaning
  • Floors, windows washing
  • Clean and vacuum upholstery
  • Corridor & lobby cleaning

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