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The Clean Effect offers professional

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Dry Upholstery Cleaning Services

Our machine uses a unique counter-revolving powerhead and a specially formulated detergent to dissolve, emulsify and encapsulate the dirt. The high tech encapsulating detergent is mixed with air to create unique low moisture cleaning bubbles that surround, suspend and encapsulate the dirt. The bubbles use 90% to 93% less moisture than most other upholstery methods. As a result, fabrics are not soaked through. The detergent is safe, nontoxic, biodegradable and does not contribute to re-soiling. The counter-revolving brushes gently agitate the upholstery, removing the dirt without distorting delicate fabrics. The cleaning bubbles surround and suspend the dirt and encapsulate it, holding it for removal by vacuuming. This method can be used to clean virtually all fabrics, including Haitian cotton, leather, and velvet. The 3 position switch allows us to activate the brushes and cleaning bubbles quickly and easily. The built-in wet/dry-vacuum removes the dirt-laden, low moisture cleaning bubbles leaving fabrics slightly damp. Usually, upholstery and other fabrics will be dry in 30 minutes or less. There is no sticky residue left behind to promote re-soiling.

For Clean and Dry Upholstery that Looks Its Best Every Day

A simple and fast method for deep cleaning your upholstered furniture anytime without the inconvenience of getting it wet. Great for Upholstery Cleaning of all types of fabrics including velvet, jacquard, weaves, tapestry, brocades, and leather.

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